Suitable for Stratasys 3 d printing software for 3 d printer

Smooth 3 d printing workflow

Barrier-free access to 3 d printing parts you want
Directly from the CAD print
Don't need to waste time conversion and modify the STL file.欧洲杯足彩网GrabCAD Print allows you to Print directly CAD file, so as to save the time.
Start as soon as possible
With smart defaults, the tool tip and notification, to guide you finish printing process seamless.
Using 3 d printing layered software to realize more operations
Use advanced 3 d slicer technology (including the Pantone color, detail optimization and priority setting parts), you can use printer to print the content to make it appear more details.
Look at your production
Using the model, the tray and sliced preview detailed view, can easily make the necessary adjustments before printing.
Senior FDM control properties
Use for a specific geometry graphic tools to create special parts, under the premise that does not affect the strength of the maximum weight and reduce material.

Play a better printer function

Use all of the assignments printer * * and management view to optimize resources
Arrange the print queue
According to the machine availability, estimated work hours and other key considerations such as the best printing plan.
Tracking the material content
Understand each printer remaining material, so that you plan and budget.
To master the latest situation at any time
Print or when an error occurs after the completion of a notification is sent to you by email, so you take corresponding measures.
Understand the printers use in an unprecedented fashion
By means of in-depth report and dashboard to analyze material usage history, printers and printer utilization.
Anatomical model of 3 d printing is clear
欧洲杯足彩网GrabCAD Print support new printer Stratasys digital anatomy.By dir欧洲杯足彩网ectly from GrabCAD Print large preset choices model library, users can realize realistic human anatomy 3 d printing effect.For details.

Print at any place

Let you on the team everyone to experience the advantages of three dimensional printing
From any equipment monitoring
欧洲杯足彩网GrabCAD Print connection through the clouds, so that you can directly in any browser or mobile device directly for a visit.
Remote arrangement
In your company to access and print to any printer support, even in different geographical location can also be.
With little training
Simple and intuitive interface makes professional 3 d printing like as simple loading parts and click on print.